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Camp 30 Bowmanville
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Camp 30 Bowmanville - Prisoner Of Time

Album uploaded by ishootthings

Military in Clarington, Ontario

Abandoned location discovered by timo explorer on Apr 10 2009

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5162HXS.jpg
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If I had moar time I would have hopped in here. It probably led nowhere.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_51631as.jpg
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The room in the basement.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5164HE6.jpg
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Opposite way in the boiler room twords the stairs up that I took.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5166wGF.jpg
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Another room in the basement.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5167wyT.jpg
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Olde style locking door.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5168vVa.jpg
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Up to the main floor. No second floor here,

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_51698SG.jpg
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Tiny rooms. Id say cells but this was supposed to be a luxury place.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5172BsT.jpg
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Down the hall, kinda.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_51735Sy.jpg
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Down the hall proper. The next set of pics are from the rooms on the left. I skipped a few too.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5174c6G.jpg
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How come for why do government buildings all have the same styling?

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5179PCX.jpg
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Just about the end of the hall. THIS is where it gets hard to tell what is what and where the rooms really are.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5180ohy.jpg
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Loooong room.

Prisoner Of Time - IMG_5181KPR.jpg
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One of my fav pics from this excursion.