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Camp 30 Bowmanville

Discovered by timo explorer
Created Apr 10 2009
Recent status Abandoned
Category Military
City Clarington, Ontario
Location # 613

Site of a former POW camp used during the Second World War. Camp 30 was populated by officers of Nazi Germany.

In 1941, Camp 30 was the only camp in the world to house the Third Reich(a)s highest-ranking German officers captured by Allied forces "because Britain wanted to get them as far away from the war as possible". In total 880 stayed there. By all accounts, this is the only surviving POW camp for Germans that is still intact.

Run like a five-star hotel with luxuries that included an indoor swimming pool, theatre and concert stage, the camp(a)s true purpose was given away only by the barbed wire around it.

It is the site of the famed "Battle of Bowmanville" where German POWs staged an uprising and the Canadian Armed Forces had to be called in the break up the mini-war. For more info. go to "Bowmanville" on wiki.

Later used a private training school, a Catholic secondary school, and finally as the Darul Uloom Islamic University, it now stands in a state of dis-repair and is a the centre of controversy. This area is quickly being gobbled up by housing developers and is under pressure to be levelled. There is a growing faction of historical and patriotic people who would like to see this place saved as a reminder of the past and the importance that this institution served over the years.

.. and more info from Wandering Around:

This site was a previous POW camp used during WWII and was used by officers of Nazi Germany.

The place was very exquisite for a POW. It had an indoor swimming pool, theatre and concert stage.

Although there are some graffiti thoughout the camp, some of them are quite interesting and it has been used by professional photographers to bring their models and come out with a magnificently composed artistic shot.

After the war it was used a private training school, a Catholic secondary school, and finally as the Darul Uloom Islamic University. It now stands as though it may be demolished as the theater hall was maliciously burned by one of the previous owners of the site in a failed attempt to gain insurance money.

On my last visit everything was still intact but I have driving by and no longer see the theater hall. This leads me to assume that they are demolishing the site which is such a pity. I am not positive what they are going to do with the rest of the site but I will keep you posted.

Season 2 of the post-apocalyptic television show 12 Monkeys was filmed at this location (see link) Windows were gutted and the buildings were cleaned thoroughly for the actors. Locals in town were told not to be alarmed if they heard gunfire. After filming, the municipality has taken steps towards preserving this historic site. The buildings are all heavily boarded, and very few buildings still have a viable point of entry now that there is daily maintenance of the property.

  • Latest News Update-- the camp is going to be preserved and tours will be given in 1940(a)s dress. This is the only German POW camp left in Canada and perhaps North America.

The Battle of Bowmanville

In October 1942, between 150 to 400 prisoners revolted against the POW guards after they were shackled as retribution as part of the escalation of Germany's new Commando Order. Lt.Col. James Taylor had asked German senior officer Georg Friemel to supply 100 prisoners to volunteer to be shackled as part of the ongoing international dispute. When he refused, Otto Kretschmer and Hans Hefele were also asked to provide volunteers, but refused. Taylor ordered the guards to find 100 officers to be shackled by force, and Horst Elfe, Kretschmer and others barricaded themselves in the mess hall, arming themselves with sticks, iron bars and other makeshift weapons. Approximately 100 Canadian soldiers requisitioned from another base arrived, and together stormed the mess hall using only baseball bats, so the two sides remained evenly matched. After several hours of brawling, the Canadians brought high pressure water hoses and soaked the cabin thoroughly until the prisoners agreed to come out peacefully. During later incidents in the battle which spanned several days, Volkmar König was wounded by gunfire and another bayoneted, and a Canadian soldier suffered a skull fracture from a thrown jar of jam. After calm had returned, 126 of the prisoners were transferred to other camps.

From Member: ItsGoodToExplore

So I've heard of this location on Instagram from a number of explorers. Upon searching google, it's actually listed as a location, which I find hilarious as I fought with Google for almost 7 months to get my restaurant listed. I wasn't sure what to expect as it was spoken of in such high regard. Still hesitant as I have been warned numerous times about exploring alone, I thought it wouldn't hurt to just scout it from a distance on my last day off. Upon arrival I realized that this was a MASSIVE site, and not a singular building. But there were also two cars parked at the entrance. While grabbing my gear I see two figure walking out, a woman and younger girl, I learned was her daughter. I asked them how it was, and the Mom mentioned that there were some very powerful spiritual energies going on here, and proceeded to show me some pictures on her iPhone. All the while, I notice a family walking out of the structure on the opposite side of the road with... are you ready? (drumroll) a STROLLER with a TODDLER! (What child doesn't need a little asbestos to get the ol' immune system going? At this point I realized that by day this is more of a tourist attraction than a hazardous zone. Despite the Moms warning of evil energies, I proceeded, to be amazed. I'm not going to write much else, as I'm SURE this location already exists somewhere in the full member files, but I always like to write a little commentary.

Latlng: (43.92887, -78.667774)


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avatar of Motleykiwi
Nov 22 2019
EAST END EXPLORER yes be very careful place is littered with cameras and motion senors i was able to get in to 2 buildings they even sent in the police chopper there not messing around anymore they got eyes on that place like you wouldn''t believe security drives by quite often no alarms went off when i was there but for anyone that''s going to go be very freaking careful the camp have eyes now
Nov 21 2019
avatar of Brian606
Brian606 Just a warning to everyone that goes onto this property,there are Police Video Camera''s set all over the place,4 camera''s per piller that is set up.If you have a bright flash light and a hoody and want to check it out,then do the same thing I did and shine the light directly at the camera''s and hide your face,also you''ll have about 25 minute''s before the Police show up once they notice activity lol.
Sep 21 2019
avatar of jaedenjones
jaedenjones I was there yesterday, heads up to anyone planning on visiting, there are cameras set up around the area. You can get into most of the building, minus one of them. Super cool place to check out.
May 09 2019
avatar of hailey55439
hailey55439 damn, they must be working hard to seal them up cause every building had a poe when i visited!
Apr 30 2018
avatar of Darknights
Darknights visited today around 4:00pm no one was around and out of the 6 buildings I was only able to access, building 1, 2 and 6.
Apr 30 2018
avatar of hailey55439
hailey55439 visited today, before 4:30 there were dump trucks and escavators doing work, which are still there. lots of people walking around the area with their dogs/kids, the one sensor i did get close to didn't go off, as the solar panels were smashed and with the amount of people on the lot, i imagine the rest are smashed too. All buildings are still accesssible through either windows or holes in boards, but because of the new boards every building is dark as hell, making photos very hard
Apr 21 2018
avatar of Motleykiwi
Motleykiwi Some buildings have been completely removed now, the rest are boarded up. They can still be accessed but it'll be dark inside. They have also plastered the street with 'No Parking' signs.
Feb 27 2018
avatar of Hvyds
Hvyds went here today with a friend and alarms didn't go off at all. I heard that they arent working anymore but that might be hear say but there was a few construction machines on site so somethings up with this place atm
Feb 09 2018
avatar of lpeppia
lpeppia It's been said here many times, but they're cracking down on trespassing. The community voted to restore the site because of its historical value.
Sep 23 2016
avatar of historicallycultural
historicallycultural So I was here the other day. While we were in one of the bigger buildings we heard a woman's voice over a loud speaker telling us to get out before the police get dispatched. When we exited the building, there was a camera set-up right outside...there's also one further behind. If you're careful, you can easily avoid them. Needless to say our day was cut short...
Aug 03 2016
avatar of ChevyShortBox98
Jul 14 2016
avatar of electricfuneral
electricfuneral I went a few weeks ago and this is by far one of my favourite locations that I have explored. Unlike many others, I had no problem with police or security. I guess I went on a good day. I got the chance to go into almost every building and even though every inch is covered in graffiti, there is something so beautiful about this place.
Jul 11 2016
avatar of rashomon
rashomon Just came back 30 mins ago and was approach by two cops. They warned me that I could not be in the buildings but was OK being on the paved walkway.
May 21 2016
avatar of emily.h
emily.h I was finally able to get into the awesome buildings here last week! Went to all but the main cafeteria as there was workers boarding up the windows of it. Didn't see anyone until I was on the roof of the largest building in the middle when the cops came and asked me and a friend to leave as the media was coming to do a segment on trespassing! lol
May 09 2016