Latlng: (43.918487, -78.705886)

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Brook Hill Home

Discovered by clay70
Created Dec 28 2010
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Clarington, Ontario
Location # 2218

This large century home is marked on the 1877 maps as belonging to the Munday family. At the front of the house is the written word "Brook hill".. Hopefully this will not be demolished anytime soon...More info coming in due course...

Latlng: (43.918487, -78.705886)


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CHATHAMKENTEXPLORER Is the house right beside it abandoned too?
Jan 11 2017
avatar of thicc
thicc Very cool place to checkout. One of my favourites.
Nov 23 2016
avatar of ktolfree
ktolfree On my last Visit this April (2015) someone took the stained glass out of the front hall. Was a little sad at first, but on closer inspection realized someone took care to take it out. Hopefully they will reuse in their own home, because I'm sure that the demo team would've just smashed it.
Apr 19 2015
avatar of ktolfree
ktolfree Very excellent shape. No fires or broken glass. It's really sad that it is set to be demolished. I'm thinking that the "New Home" builder Brook Hill owns the property now (plus field behind) and they are going to build houses there soon. Really too bad. I don't think we need new houses that bad :(
May 27 2014
avatar of codi_7
codi_7 still there. was warned of a squatter in the garage though
Sep 12 2012
avatar of vitalfilms
vitalfilms Nice find! Nice lookin house too
Dec 30 2010
avatar of Golson Moldon
Golson Moldon Nice place.
Dec 28 2010