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The Smoke House Mystery

Discovered by crazycarclub
Created Sep 18 2014
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Chatham-Kent, Ontario
Location # 11109

First step outta my car i had that awkward feeling of intrusion but i stepped on further just to see what lay ahead. Lots of No TP signs to be seen around the property as well as all over the house and on every door i seen. Everything seemed weird at the time and it tripped me out a bit. Like the planters neatly placed together and a pathway through the weeds that appeared walked on, i don't know. As i was heading for the slightly cracked open door i heard a vehicle coming down the road so i ran back for my car and bailed. I'll return when i have someone to watch my back cause i'm not sure exactly what the story is here but i'm pretty sure this place is awesome.

Update Feb 2015 - A couple recent visits by LegaryTrev and myself revealed this as the former house of Roy Galloway. [b]

Roy Galloway (1937- )[/b] Roy, whose family lived in Raleigh Township, was born at the Chatham Public Hospital and moved into Chatham when he was 2 years old. He attended CVS and afterwards worked at the C&D Sugar Plant and then International Harvester until his retirement. He lived here until 1968 when he moved to the Thamesville area. In 1965 Roy took up trap shooting, enjoyed it, and became very expert at it winning close to 200 championships, including 3 provincial and 4 national titles. – 1972 – won Canadian Singles Championship for first time – 1974 – won Canadian Doubles Championship for first time – 1978 – won Ontario Doubles Championship and achieved High All Around – won Canadian Doubles Championship for second time – 1979 – won Canadian Singles Championship for second time – 1987 – won Ontario Doubles Championship – 1989 – won Ontario Singles Championship – 1993 – passed the 100,000 mark for single targets hit – 1994 – hit 648 consecutive targets at the Grand American competition – 2002 – won Ontario Veterans Singles Championship In 2001 Roy was inducted into the Ontario Trapshooting Hall of Fame.

In 2012 he was inducted into the Chatham Kent Sports Hall Of Fame.

Roy moved to Petrolia in 2004 after his brother Keith passed away and was still alive as of 2012.

The contents of this house paint an extremely strange picture of the Galloway boys. Piles of pornographic magazines lay strewn throughout the house and nude poloroids of a man in gay poses (presumably Keith Galloway) start to paint this disturbing true story. Trev has been scouring a diary he found here and who knows what bizarre mysteries are left to be uncovered here. They are more than likely going to shock and awe.

Update May 2015 - Had a fellow member report to me that this location has disappeared. Apparently looks to have been a fire, not sure if this was a control burn or an arson. Will snoop around the area and report my findings soon.

Latlng: (42.561784, -82.026518)


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avatar of Dave Summer
Dave Summer Wow! This is a weird one...
Feb 26 2015
avatar of ground state
ground state Will wait with anticipation.... 'cuz when CCC says he'll be back, he means it!
Sep 18 2014