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Southwest Regional Centre

Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Location Owner vitalfilms
Creation Date Apr 13 2011
Status Demolished
Category Commercial
Location Chatham-Kent, Ontario
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Southwest Regional Centre in Dealtown has been closed in 2008. The hospital opened back in 1961, located on 300 acres of land facing Lake Erie. The hospital was built to facilitate disabled adults but was originally designed to accommodate mentally disabled children. When it first opened it was originally named: "Ontario(a)s Hospital School for Retarded Children at Cedar Grove". In 1966 there was a resident population of 1,200 and 600 staff members. By 1979 the resident population reduced down to 620. This was the last{largest} institution built in Canada for the treatment of the mentally disabled. There has been talk by the government to create this huge building in to many different attractions and/or other facilities such as: large-sized tourist resort complete with an indoor water-park, Regional Jail, Retirement Home, and even a resort facility. None of these ideas are likely to happen. Interior: Consists of many different sectors{sections} and wings. Hospital sector, School sector, patient/staff cafeteria, Gymnasium, Pool, patient sectors etc. This building is massive! Tunnels leading to each building. A lot of the machinery has been removed. Very clean and untouched completely by vandals. little to no deterioration. Outside: Windows and doors boarded up very securely. Security on site. All in all this location is in really good condition and closely watched. I have only got these photos, more will be uploaded shortly.

Latlng: (42.253767, -82.103780)


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User Stopped by the site Aug.18, 2019 to check that the people of this tragic place are continuing to be honoured. Apparently not. Explored to see if the apology plaque had been moved and was informed by local resident it had been stolen. By whom? Perpetrators of the crimes? Whom else would desecrate such a place.? This plaque needs to be replaced immediately, lest we forget. Or are they trying to sweep more of our governments bad practises under the rug of time and history? The site has been wi
Aug 19 2019
avatar of crazycarclub
crazycarclub About half gone now, the hospital is no longer there. Progress has moved into overdrive here.
Apr 11 2015
avatar of crazycarclub
crazycarclub Two of the smaller buildings are gone and there are gapping holes in the main building now. Open but not for much longer.
Dec 15 2014
avatar of Finz519
Finz519 Security is ma and pa from the store nearby. SO DO NOT PARK THERE. If they know you are in there they will stay there all day if need be. $65 "entrance fee" was required with our visit.
Jul 15 2013
avatar of TWP
TWP any update on the status of this place?
Jul 06 2013
avatar of crazycarclub
crazycarclub talked to the guard today and he told me the new owners from St.Thomas have plans to tear down these beautiful buildings
Sep 10 2012
avatar of canadavey
canadavey That shot of the autopsy table is creepy.
Apr 15 2011
avatar of vitalfilms
vitalfilms Ya there is security guard onsite. Drives a mini-van. Makes his usual rounds. Didn't pay too much attention to his routine. But with the right timing you can go un-noticed.
Apr 13 2011
avatar of don
don How did you get in safely and un-noticed? (being secured, and watched as you mentioned) is the security on-site personnel or my camera?
Apr 13 2011