Latlng: (42.480627, -82.281031)

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Garnet's House

Discovered by crazycarclub
Created Sep 04 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Chatham-Kent, Ontario
Location # 5349

A small house sitting back off the road in the bushes, looks to have been forgotten for a while. All the windows are intact, Both doors are locked but a basement window is open on the side of the house. I looked in but wasn't entering without a partner so inside pics next time.

Update Dec. 2013 - Upon return i found the backdoor open and inviting me in for a look around. Seems all the walls have been removed and our previous tenants belongings scattered about on the floor throughout the small house. Most recent date i could find on one of the many magazines was 1982, many items were dated late 70's including the mothers day card i included pics of. One Mrs. Garnet McDonald used to reside here and many items relating to her life have been forgotten here waiting to be uncovered at sometime by someone.

Latlng: (42.480627, -82.281031)


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avatar of ground state
ground state Gives it more life. Not quite on par with the extraordinary life found in Fern's House, but where else will we find another Garnet?
Dec 27 2013
avatar of crazycarclub
crazycarclub I think the name change is a great suggestion GS. Old McDonalds Farm woulda been too easy.
Dec 27 2013
avatar of ground state
ground state A nod of the hat to you for returning a year and a half later to close the books on this one (or, rather, perhaps open the book wider). Some interesting old leftovers and a personality now - perhaps a name change to "Garnet's House" is in order?
Dec 27 2013