Latlng: (42.471733, -81.896928)

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Creaky House

Discovered by mike6639
Created Feb 27 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category Foundations
City Chatham-Kent, Ontario
Location # 4100

Found this house while looking for a Tim Horton's on the way home from Windsor. Very easy access, as none of the windows or doors are boarded up. The whole house creaks as the wind blows through it, giving it a creepy feel!!

Update March 2013 - This house is no longer with us. Not a trace of it left. Too bad. - CrazyCarClub

Latlng: (42.471733, -81.896928)


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avatar of ann_faith
ann_faith Thats so true, didnt think of that but it makes alot of sense.
Feb 28 2012
avatar of teeko
teeko People usually leave homes like this because they get offered a lot of money by property investors or developers. If someone offered you the right price, wouldn't you walk away? Especially in the case of the farms, they can potentially have their retirement handed to them with the sale.
Feb 28 2012
avatar of Adriana
Adriana Nice find!!
Feb 27 2012
avatar of ann_faith
ann_faith why do people just up and leave homes like these to crumble. i just will never get it. boggles my mind
Feb 27 2012