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Latlng: (42.357846, -82.134079)

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Big Green

Discovered by naturepixz
Created Oct 11 2011
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Chatham-Kent, Ontario
Location # 3313

Through years of neglect, nature has taken over, breathing life back into this once beautiful well cared home. Sad that people have come along and distrubed the house and grounds with graffitti and left their garbage where it dropped.

Update March 2015 by crazycarclub - Drove by today and this property has been cleared completely.

Latlng: (42.357846, -82.134079)


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trailblazer519 Very cool house!..

Nov 12 2013

Veeedub226 This house is amazing, great find! The decay on the walls make for awesome photo's. I love the little window hidden in the one closet.

Nov 12 2013

crazycarclub I thought this house was actually a pretty cool explore. Some nice decay amongst the mess. Two barns out back and a garage/shed that i didn't have time to check. Still alot left to see.

Mar 01 2013