Latlng: (43.832917, -80.369883)

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Centre Wellington

Farmhouse NE of Fergus

Discovered by someguynamederic
Created May 29 2011
Recent status Collapsed
Category House Or Farm
City Centre Wellington, Ontario
Location # 2777

This is a once beautiful red-brick farmhouse on a quiet county road. It(a)s floors are beginning to cave in and the second floor was treacherous even when I went there (2009).

This house is creepy and sticks in my mind. There was a bed where the dining room used to be. There are unopened bottles of wine in stairway to the basement. There are closets filled with trinkets and magazines. There are even old photo albums sitting on a shelf. Hopefully all of these things are still there as they gave the place a creepy - once lived in vibe. There are a few broken windows but most doors are shut and there was minimal vandalism.

Latlng: (43.832917, -80.369883)


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avatar of Cerulean
Cerulean Didn't venture inside because it looked unsafe. Basement is full of water. Has anyone ever gone into the barn? Sad, dark place. There are bones from a large animal. I hope the owners didn't leave it there to starve to death.
Sep 25 2014
avatar of someguynamederic
someguynamederic This is still one of the abandoned properties that sticks in my mind the most. I can still picture the spices still in the cupboard, the magazines stacked inside the closet. The board games and picture albums on a shelf in the living room. When I think of abandoned farm houses, I think of this house. It's sad to see how much it has decayed.
Jul 09 2013
avatar of trailblazer519
trailblazer519 Was here this week, excellent location. Thought I had found a new location, didn't think it was CW until I checked the boundary map. Great house! The decay in every room of the main house is sweet. My foot went thru the floor in the living room, AND I got pics of the upstairs. The decay in the 2 front bedrooms where the roof is rotted away is great! Will upload pics soon.
Apr 20 2013
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks That bed downstairs might indicate that someone just had the stove for heat. there is a story in the 1949 newspaper of a 14 yr old ref stabbing a 15 yr old player with words like 'smarten up' and 'hold your horses' tossed around. The ref stabbed the other boy after he asked the ref. 'if he wanted his nose punched', geez.
Jan 29 2013
avatar of ground state
ground state I agree with your trespass assessment - that squished door frame isn't very encouraging! Very cool how the brickwork is splitting apart at the peak; almost as if the house is collapsing in half! How come no shots inside the barn? (or whatever that large structure is!)
May 21 2012
avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer Visited today. Found no safe way in, since I was alone I didnt take the chance after looking in the windows and seeing the crap falling from the ceiling. Would have been a real nice place in its day.
May 21 2012