Latlng: (45.320289, -75.092750)

Casselman Spillway

Casselman, Ontario

Location Owner timo explorer
Creation Date Jan 06 2011
Status Abandoned
Category Bridge/Locks
Location Casselman, Ontario
Site number #2242

This spillway is located across the South Nation River in the village of Casselman, County of Prescott and Russell. Located approximately 40 km east of Ottawa. There is not much left of the spillway, as erosion and heavy spring flooding is quickly taking its toll on the old structure. The top of the spillway looked to be wide enough to drive vehicles across in its day, although no roads link up at either end. At the time of my visit, the area near the spillway was posted No Tresspassing and some construction was occurring on the south shore. This is a very dangerous area for youngsters, so if you feel the need to get a closer view, please use caution. The High Falls Conservation Area is the best vantage point to view this old spillway.

Latlng: (45.320289, -75.092750)


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Unknown User Ive shot this location many times, I've managed to get behind it in one of my shoots. Lol very interesting - It is however pretty dangerous, I had lots of cuts and bruises.
May 06 2012