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Cambridge, Ontario

Location Owner Claire
Creation Date Jan 26 2016
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Cambridge, Ontario
Site number #13112

From the outside as one quickly drives by it can be easily missed or mistaken for just run down, it wasn't until passing by and spotting the broken windows in the rear view that I knew I would have to turn around to take a peek. Run down, but it doesn't seem this place has been left to fend for itself for too long. Looks like the people that lived here owned and loved horses. The barn in the back still has the faint smell of the animals that must of lived there. Really really interesting place, had my gears going the whole time trying to figure it all out. Seems as if this was Norma's house...a loving Grandmother with 2 sons and many grandchildren. Someone in the household seems to have served time at one point or another. For what, I wasn't able to uncover. In my speculations I would assume after Grandmother died so did the spirit of the house and it has sat ever since. Be careful, lots of broken glass/missing rails etc. Update: This house and the exterior buildings have been demolished.

Latlng: (43.424850, -80.379161)


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Unknown User All buildings on this property have been demolished within the last couple weeks. It can be made public now.
Sep 24 2018
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks Biggest hazard here is mold, now. A good explore with a proper mask, not a particle mask, either. Several auto manuals; one open to a last repair? Business like signs up, construction soon, I guess. This is Cambridge, to just past Kossuth Rd. np I live here, changed.
Sep 06 2017