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Turnbull Textile AKA The Mill Race


Discovered by ishootthings
Created May 19 2021
Recent status Historic Location
Category Mill/Foundry
City Cambridge, Ontario
Location # 17577
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Ive wanted to add this for over a year and with a fellow explorer wanting a bit of a quick crash course on using a PROPER camera, Mill Race Park was a PURRFECT place. As well the other former mill foundation down the road (LOC#8260) is on here and this is an important piece of Galts Industrial History. It is one of the first mills. The race is clearly visible and there is some original pieces of machinery. It ran off the same race as The Cambridge Mill would have used, and TBH Im not entirely sure if it would have still used the same race when it was in operation. You can follow it under the road and across to the river. Im not too sure where EXACTLY the water is pulled in. Around the dam I imagine. I have some friends that seen Otters in the race one time. But I kinda feel like it was Beavers as I seen them before. There is at least one Beaver dam on the side of the river. Very nice spot, One of my fav. Made into the form it is now (final form) and officially opened July 31st 1977.

Im sad that it never got repaired after the truck hit it. Maybe others out there got some pics of it before it was hit. I got some on a harddrive I have to attempt to recover pics from.

"...what was the Wardlaw textile mill in 1880 has been taken over a decade later by Charles Turnbull. His C. Turnbull Company became famous across the land for its comfortable "CEETEE" underwear products. An 1897 fire destroyed the old factory and Turnbull rebuilt it as a four-storey structure. For the next half-century, Turnbull's woollen mill established itself as one of Galt's legendary businesses. Everyone knew someone who had worked there. In 1946, Turnbull sold out to Newlands and Company. Eventually Newlands became part of the huge Stauffer-Dobbie textile firm which at one time employed more than 1,400 workers. Galt and textile manufacturing became synonymous in the late 19th and most of the 20th century. "The Manchester of Canada" became an unofficial nickname reflecting that English city's dominance of its country's textile manufacturing. The old Turnbull site now contains Mill Race Park with some remnants of the factory remaining in situ."

Latlng: (43.362781847788, -80.315787983267)


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