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Latlng: (43.430834, -80.311178)

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The Colonel Skipped Town

Discovered by ishootthings
Created Jan 30 2021
Recent status Demolished
Category Commercial
City Cambridge, Ontario
Location # 17142

This is brought to us all by Theeasykaybreezy (NO WAY! YOU DONT SAY) as he scouts like a madman. He uploaded exteriors on here a bit ago and it went over so well, I thought I would bring the rest of it to light. Its still cold as all hell in there. And there was so much insulation that I wore my mask for good measure. Gutted, mostly. A bit of decorative this and that but of all things, they left the fridge behind. LIIIIT.

Its fenced. And I recommend a mask, if I would put one on. A final note, with all the traffic on Queen St and the bus stop right there, and the building next door that kinda overlooks this that has The Hub Bike Shop and the apartments on the upper floors, can almost see right all over this land. And in the GLASS STOREFRONT is uber open and see thru. I would presume many saw me while I shot a few of these.

FEB 25th 2021- The KFC is demolished and they started demolishing the building next to it as well. I had my eye on it and would have gone for it SATURDAY FFS! Oh well. Try again tomorrow. Just not here clearly.

BAMMMMM. The demolition stopped over the weekend and I estimate about half the building is left. Not bad. I cant tell the issues it had or what it needed but I shall investigate as I am curious as well. LOL. I was late, but not TOO late. Woulda been less pictures were it a complete building I feel......

Latlng: (43.430834, -80.311178)


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ishootthings Yeah. fridge was decent. Why'd it get left I will never know.

Jan 31 2021

Motleykiwi No interest, haha!! At least you got inside and there was a Pepsi fridge.

Jan 30 2021