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Speed River Dam - Damn Destroy'd

Album uploaded by ishootthings

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Being Demolished location discovered by ishootthings on Jul 21 2020

Damn Destroy'd - IMG_25932m0.jpg
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A Blue Heron yesterday. 20-07-2020. This Heron, its here generally daily. Chillin on the dam, picking out small snacks as they float by.

Damn Destroy'd - IMG_2599fYu.jpg
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Happened to pass this at just the perfect time.

Damn Destroy'd - IMG_2600IWQ.jpg
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South control tower. Heavily eroded.

Damn Destroy'd - IMG_2603L75.jpg
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The bench here that Pikaswed420 and I chillled on the day I shot the heron at the beginning.

Damn Destroy'd - IMG_2605c6W.jpg
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Damn Destroy'd - IMG_2608s3Z.jpg
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Does the bench go here?

Damn Destroy'd - IMG_2614FZJ.jpg
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North control tower. I call the logs a pathway.

Damn Destroy'd - IMG_2615E1k.jpg
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Looking down at the north control tower.

Damn Destroy'd - IMG_2617oMN.jpg
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Awesome view. Im tellin ya.

Damn Destroy'd - IMG_2622ouY.jpg
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Top surface of north control tower. Found yet another knife in the water. I like knives because knives like me. In the brush on the top left.

Damn Destroy'd - IMG_2623eRD.jpg
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North retaining wall is more of a wall due to its lack of retaining qualities.

Damn Destroy'd - IMG_2626hGa.jpg
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Damn Destroy'd - IMG_26283nC.jpg
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River level view.

Damn Destroy'd - IMG_2630BqJ.jpg
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Front face of north control tower. Mortar rotted and many blocks missing. Whole section in the center. Arch blocks shifted.