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Latlng: (43.39152, -80.29853)

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Saginaw Golf Course


Discovered by DAExplores
Created Aug 12 2019
Recent status Demolished
Category Recreational
City Cambridge, Ontario
Location # 16127

The Saginaw Golf Club was a popular golf club in the middle of Cambridge. Opening in the early 2000s, the golf club was popular amongst local golfers, as it was an easily accessible club and had 18 holes. The peak of the Saginaw Golf Club was in 2013, when it won the Readers Choice Award from the Cambridge Times. After this, the Club ran into some money problems, and ultimately closed in 2015. However, when it closed in 2015 it was purchased by a Toronto developer who plans to turn the property into 460 houses.

Today, the golf course still remains behind all of the houses, hidden from view. The clubhouse is still them, although it is boarded up. The course property is now a place where the neighbours can walk their dogs, and the building have become a clubhouse of their own for the teenagers at the local high school.

Edit November 17: Drove past it today and its demolished

From CJ9899: The Saginaw Golf Course was built from 1999-2001, and opened in late 2001. It was demolished May 27-29 2019. It closed in October of 2014, and wasnt boarded up until the summer of 2015. The maintenance building was put there in 2002 and had an expansion built onto in the same year.

Latlng: (43.39152, -80.29853)


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potatopeeler?? yes the clubhouse is boarded up but there is one board that os still ataached only at the top so if you pull the bottom you should be able to climb into the clubhouse part. the board has the word jungle on it and its a bit faded:)) be careful tho ive been caught

Apr 18 2021