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Latlng: (43.402505, -80.364599)

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Standing Grand

User ishootthings
Date Feb 27 2021
Recent status Under Construction
Category Recreational
City Cambridge, Ontario
Location # 17284
Standing Grand - IMG_8445.JPG
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Right side.

Standing Grand - IMG_8448.JPG
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Front. This thing seen better times yo.

Standing Grand - IMG_8450.JPG
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BAM. thru the door in the front om the left. So many paint layers.

Standing Grand - IMG_8451.JPG
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Beams for the seating structure and it should connect to more beams to connect to the rest ect.

Standing Grand - IMG_8452.JPG
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Interesting net.

Standing Grand - IMG_8454.JPG
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This used to be a shower.

Standing Grand - IMG_8456.JPG
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Used to have windows but they are covered with metal grating and bricked in.

Standing Grand - IMG_8458.JPG
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MAJOR DEFECT. Water/ice on the interior of a metal beam. BAAAAAD.

Standing Grand - IMG_8461.JPG
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Last pic of the left side. This was a bathroom.

Standing Grand - IMG_8464.JPG
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Right side. The freezer is plugged in as there is powah.

Standing Grand - IMG_8465.JPG
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Electrical room. Decent.

Standing Grand - IMG_8466.JPG
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Little alcove where it seems a window would have been.

Standing Grand - IMG_8469.JPG
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Shower stall.

Standing Grand - IMG_8472.JPG
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Electical room. BZZZZZZZZZZZZ.