Latlng: (43.4014015, -80.3665174)

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Preston Electric Power House

Discovered by MacabreKiss
Created Feb 24 2021
Recent status Historic Location
Category Other
City Cambridge, Ontario
Location # 17276

Built in 1905 to power the former Preston rail line, this building is currently owned by the city of Cambridge. It has been vacant for several decades but is still listed on the city's Heritage walking tour as well as the Public Building Inventory of Waterloo Region (see page 89 in the linked pdf)

Latlng: (43.4014015, -80.3665174)


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avatar of ishootthings
ishootthings This is used for City of Cambridge vehicle storage from all I can see as Ive seen many tracks going to it and there is also going to be an alarm. Id almost class it as "Active" from the get-go. EDIT: Winter 2021. Tire tracks going in and out of both garage doors. the building is heated and has power. This is locked in the small amount of possible entrys it could have and once again, the alarm stickers. I wager they arent messing around. Ive had many an encounter with City owned buildings. Impenetrable unless left open and in 2 years....not once Ive seen.
Feb 24 2021