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Mill Creek (Galt)

Discovered by ishootthings
Created Oct 15 2020
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Category Drain
City Cambridge, Ontario
Location # 16812

Mill Creek. It was the backbone of the founding of the town of Galt. Coming from Puslinch Lake and filling Shades Mills (current), when the Mill Creek REALLY starts as it leaves, Shades Mills (historically, now Galt) being the site of 2 (I believe) Mills owned by Absalom Shade. Not sure when the mills were built but the land (90,000 acres, damn) was acquired in 1816. There used to be a creek visible and a pond in the Galt center-ish. People used to use Soper Park as a swimming hole. In fact it was Galts first. So most of that is paraphrased from the MillCreekGalt website history page and there is more of it. Link is included. In 2012, there was some kind of art/awareness campaign for what happened to Mill Creek as it is apparently visible on many current day maps, but it is in fact buried. The websiteincludes historical pictures and maps over time of the design and layout of Galt. In the winter, with no car, it is hard to keep warm but the drains are alright most of the time. Im not sure this would be good in the winter as its not too far underground and the water moves so fast over such a thin area, that it splashes in your boots. My mom was looking up "Underground Cambridge Ontario" and BOOM, an article about some kids who had like Fire and Rescue take them out as they got in over their head. So fast forward as it usually goes and I walked the creek. At the outlet into the Grand, I got sidetracked catching Crayfish the first time I went at night. Then there were not many in the day chillin there as they are an easy target for birds and stuff. There are blue circles and the words, Channelled, Buried, Moved, Lost at the mouth of where the creek goes underground as part of that campaign to bring awareness to the Creek that is just what is painted from stencils at the concrete culvert that takes you on a whirly trip to the Grand. Maybe next summer Ill find a certain person from that area and take some inflatables down there. In terms of the walking of the Creek, I walked against it and up. There was one part I had to use the wall to wind around a bend without slipping down and there was a sediment catch basin with a manhole cover and a ledge. There are parking blocks to direct water and stuff twords the middle. You can walk it and imagine the power we once harnessed from it. Mills. Many roads drain into here as you can see from the odd hole and cover when you are inside. DECENT.

Latlng: (43.359066, -80.310911)


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