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Galt Post Office- Ontario's Best

Discovered by clay70
Created Jan 12 2011
Recent status Repurposed
Category Building (Older House Farm, Cottage)
City Cambridge, Ontario
Location # 2273

The Galt Post Office was built in 1885 and was designed by the famous architect Thomas Fuller, who also designed the first Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. It is no longer in use, but is Ontario(a)s most beautiful ex-post office.

The first postmaster was William Quarie who earned $176 per month. (Because Galt was a larger town, this salary was more than rural postmasters earned in an entire year).

The infamous postmaster, William S. Turnbull, served from 1898 to 1919.

"As legend has it, William was involved in a torrid love affair with a postal employee named Emily. Perhaps because their relationship was forced to be kept secret, or because Mr. Turnbull attempted to end the tryst, Emily became agitated and restless. She threatened to go public with their rendezvous, which would have ultimately, not only ruined the reputation of William and bring his career to an end, but also cause a great scandal for the local townsfolk to chatter about.

Although some say it was suicide while others say murder, Emily(a)s lifeless body was found dangling from the rafters in the clock tower only a few days later."

Please add photos in meantime..I will get some in 2011 as well.

Latlng: (43.35836, -80.315533)


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avatar of ishootthings
ishootthings Also thinking of making it a basic location as anyone can walk in and see it....Such a tasteful restoration. Not a fan of the look from the rear but the interior is AMAZING. Open for self tours. Clearly Pikaswed420 and I were moar interesed in the building than what was inside and the employes told us info as we went and marveled.
Aug 14 2020
avatar of ishootthings
ishootthings Totally reconditioned, this is now a library. It could be interesting inside maybe if its not TOTALLY bastardized. Added snippet, camera/alarm hazard as its active and added some moar links. And status. Changed that to Repurposed. But its also a Historic location as well.
Aug 11 2020
avatar of Zeddemore
Zeddemore The building has since been reconditioned. Unfortunately, they are also tacking modern additions to it at the moment.
Sep 20 2017
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Glad they are using it for something useful. Sad I probably won't be able to see it as it is before they muck with it.
Jan 24 2013
unknown user avatar
Unknown User This place has been acquired by the city and is being turned into part of the Cambridge libraries
Jan 24 2013
avatar of SuperSonic
SuperSonic this place is listed on MLS
Apr 19 2012
avatar of doom vs
doom vs I have some pics of this place, sadly just the exterior...but it does have it's interesting features. I will post soon.
Sep 27 2011