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Floor Gone Conclusion

Cambridge, Ontario

Location Owner doom vs
Creation Date Dec 22 2011
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Cambridge, Ontario
Site number #3659

Red brick house at a dead end beside the 401. From several rooms on the first floor you look down to a flooded basement with about two feet of water as the floor has been ripped right up. Second floor has had the floors ripped up also in the bedrooms. A black and white cat came flying out of the bathtub in the upstairs bathroom as I took some pics. The first step down to the basement is rickety and my pics of the cellar didn(a)t turn out as I was squatting at the bottom stair at the waterline and using one hand. There are a couple pieces of furniture immersed in the water. Seems like it was a nice abode once. There are active residences beside it but they took no notice and active industries nearby also. Note: If you are on Fountain St. N. and crossing the bridge over the Highway you missed your turn. There is a small dead end stree just before the bridge you want to turn on to. The Google Maps link should show you in Satellite view.

Latlng: (43.405767, -80.372070)


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User Just passed by and this house along with the garage are demolished.
Sep 23 2017
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks lol, good name bud, and good eye. Been by here millions of times , just not @ the right time lol. good eye. What I have learned is , if someone drops a paper in the driveway while you are looking at a house its probably still lived in, haha.
May 04 2012
avatar of kintisa
kintisa It was pretty sealed, but the front door was pretty open. Also there is another abandoned building in behind it. Didn't take many photos there but it's also kind of cool to check out.
Feb 29 2012
avatar of clay70
clay70 Now that's the kinda title I like to see...thanks for the refreshing creativity dude..
Feb 29 2012
avatar of doom vs
doom vs This place was sealed a couple weeks back, saw it cracked again when driving by the other day. I see kintisa got in if those are recent.
Feb 29 2012
avatar of vitalfilms
vitalfilms Nnnnnice house! This place is awesome. Good thing it isn't trashed....yet. I'm in Cambridge this weekend. Might have to stop by. Great photos and location doom!!!
Dec 24 2011
avatar of clay70
clay70 now that is the kind of original title I like to see...None if this "Abanonded House" crap
Dec 24 2011
avatar of doom vs
doom vs Well, heard about it through the usual reliable local channels...wish I had gotten some better shots of the flooded this case it was very bright with the floors gone and the light flooding down. May have to return. Just gotta remember that first step.
Dec 23 2011
avatar of SuperSonic
SuperSonic great find doom. the places is a great house. clearly someone was salvaging the flooring.
Dec 23 2011