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Federal Mogul


Discovered by Finz519
Created Oct 01 2013
Recent status Repurposed
Category Industrial
City Cambridge, Ontario
Location # 9703
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From What I could tell the place closed in 2008. As did many in the area. Looking at this one compared to others. You will see the contrast of a plant closing and a company going bankrupt.

Very empty.

When I was there the highlight was the stolen looking car out front.

This is now active

Drove past and the building exterior is redone. Didn't catch what it was. I had to look to long just to make sure it was the same building. Bathroom store or something. I wouldn't go there unless you might buy something.

Latlng: (43.410522, -80.313907)


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crazycarclub Wow, alot has changed in the four years since phrenzee visited

Oct 02 2013  • 0 like(s)