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Cambridge, Ontario

Location Owner mobileworks
Creation Date Aug 04 2014
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Cambridge, Ontario
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Active for now but the sun is setting on this intersection and little bit around it.Two houses and a store will be demolished sometime this fall, for a traffic circle, at Franklin and Clyde Road in Cambridge. Confirmed with owners. The North West corner has a townhouse that is far enough in and won't be affected. In the North East corner, the bungalow and property with the Ford trucks, an old man named Jim Moore lived here until he recently died, leaving a wife. He was from Galt and they lived there since 1966.A large fence he built on Franklin shows a decolourisation from a repair he did years ago when a car crashed through it. In the South West corner another Jim lives in the stone house , and also owns a Ford truck. The house is from 1940 and was a 2 acre lot originally. That property included the now apartment behind next to the tracks and the now two houses to the left. In the South West corner is the store and it's parking lot. Will Update. In retrospect if the stone house was anywhere else it would have been fine. This 'ring of fire' may slow traffic down that used to race the light here but what about pedestrians crossing. With no stop in traffic we rely on people to stop for pedestrians who are all in a hurry now and with all of todays distractions? What about all the old people here, now or soon will have to walk/scooter to Elgin and cross busy Franklin when this store closes. This is not good. Picture that, and winter. It will be a little like crossing a busy boat channel in a canoe on a Friday or a Sunday in Georgian Bay. without a paddle. UPDATE : Stone house is GONE today Jan 16th 2015, and the store and house have been vacant awhile and just fenced and...........

Latlng: (43.371051, -80.295343)


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mobileworks The STONE house is now a pile of river rocks[from behind property] and the other two will soon follow and are vacant and fenced. In a few weeks Franklin St. will be a pleasure to avoid as about SIX traffic circles going in. Now basic member.
Jan 16 2015
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mobileworks Store is now closed and vacant and the 2 houses are now vacant awaiting destruction. I have seen a security car so they may stand 'til the new year. The City couldn't find another building for the store owner so he is done for now. Metro up the road is closing before they have to when Franklin is under construction.
Dec 11 2014