Latlng: (43.842525, -79.692038)

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Photo Memories Left Behind

Discovered by TWP
Created May 10 2018
Recent status Abandoned
Category House Or Farm
City Caledon, Ontario
Location # 15310

Note: This is along highway 50 about 2 km south of Bolton. I am not sure of the exact GPS though. It's on the left side heading north with a large For Sale sign. The front awning of the doorway is collapsed.

Pretty messy inside but many old photographs remain.

******************* From trespasseveryehere, Feb, 2019 ********

Beautiful old house with a trailer in the back. The little boy who lived here with his mom and dad was named Ronnie. In the year 2000 he was in grade 3, according to his report card, and he was getting Cs and Ds (poor Ronnie!). The house is filled with all the dollar store and kitsch you would imagine a 9 year old to have in 2000. Two floors, big green fireplace on the main level and many many photos left behind.

Latlng: (43.842525, -79.692038)


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Unknown User Thanks Timo *2
May 11 2018
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timo explorer Fixed coordinates
May 11 2018
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timo explorer Nice find, love the old family photos.
May 11 2018