Latlng: (43.90214, -80.05155)

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Highpoint Of The Day

Discovered by trailblazer519
Created Jul 16 2012
Recent status Abandoned
Category House Or Farm
City Caledon, Ontario
Location # 5061

Nice old all brick home. Don't know any history on it. Some vandalism and a little graffiti. Plumbing and wiring had been updated recently. Old stone well and silo and creepy looking tree swing out back...and a nice view of a creek.

Latlng: (43.90214, -80.05155)


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avatar of Brian606
Brian606 Hey angbonate,I seen your video and your right,the place is unsafe.Me and a friend went there roughly a month ago,and not only did I step on a nail,I fell down onto a long board with several nail''s and it ripped a chunk of skin off my knee,but I was determind to see the inside,until I fell threw the main floor lol,my buddy started laughing and said,why are you down there,so I told him,I felt like checking out the basement first so he kept laughing,so ya,eventually I did see the entire place.So
Sep 21 2019
avatar of angbonatv
angbonatv Went here not too long ago, made a pretty cool video out of it
May 10 2018
avatar of Bumblebee
Bumblebee Out of the three locations I visited this past weekend this one was my favourite. The driveway is still drivable and makes for great camouflage, I spent well over an hour here without being bothered. There is a bit of graffiti on the top floor but the house is still beautiful and solid. The swing is still there nothing in the basement but be warned there may be asbestos, photos will follow later.
Jul 24 2014
avatar of NikiFM
NikiFM I really hope so, I wasn't as brave as I usually am today...I'm a little embarressed about my exit, haha.
Sep 23 2012
avatar of trailblazer519
trailblazer519 lol....likely a raccoon unless it sounded real big then a coyote, but probly a raccoon. Porcupines make a little clicking sound
Sep 23 2012
avatar of NikiFM
NikiFM Went to this location today, spent some time taking pictures but once we got around to the basement and turned on the flashlight we heard heavy breathing and then movement. Not exactlly sure what it was, we made a mad dash out of there. Pics to follow.
Sep 23 2012
avatar of timekeeper
timekeeper Good Shots Biggie Pauls!
Jul 30 2012
avatar of SoNaive
SoNaive Wow, it has deteriorated quickly. Is seems to have been occupied in September of 2009 when the Google Steetview image was taken
Jul 18 2012
avatar of bigpaulsmall
bigpaulsmall Cool find, will definitely check it out in the future.
Jul 17 2012
avatar of trailblazer519
trailblazer519 Daughter said the stone well reminds her of the movie 'The Ring' where a young girl comes crawling out of it lol
Jul 17 2012
avatar of codi_7
codi_7 Nice pic of the swing very creepy
Jul 17 2012