Latlng: (43.822952, -79.965808)

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Caledon Credit Estate

Discovered by No Access
Created Apr 04 2013
Recent status Demolished
Category Mansion
City Caledon, Ontario
Location # 6616

Well this is an interesting location. During an easter drive, I discovered this from the corner of my eye. far in the view I could see the rear boarded up and the grass overgrown. When i drove to the front gates, one would think its an active mansion but shortly I noticed there was no mailbox, the lights were smashed out, and the driveway was in poor condition. So Tuesday night, our team went to scout it out..... made it halfway up down the driveway and seen a fairly new pickup truck parked at the first barn. We didn't think much of it because the place was completely dark, the driveway form the barn to the house was under water.... but because of it being a quiet night, we got spooked from a loud noise by the house. Because of schedule issues, we returned two days later during the late afternoon to discover that the house was half torn down. It sucks we missed this beautiful estate by two days. We took the best pictures of what remains that we could. We are bummed out that we missed by such short time :-(

Latlng: (43.822952, -79.965808)


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avatar of DARKMAN
DARKMAN Yes, just uploaded one...not much to see :(
May 16 2013
avatar of No Access
No Access did you end up getting any pictures that are upload worthy?
Apr 23 2013
avatar of f.o.s.
f.o.s. Time marches on
Apr 23 2013
avatar of DARKMAN
DARKMAN Went by here today...was easy to spot it on top of the hill from a mile away. Giant fire, workers burning whatever would burn and just dozing any concrete under fill. They let me take whatever pictures I wanted. I asked them what the story was with the property as it looked like a lot of work had went into the various cement ponds etc around the house. He said "The owner didn't want it anymore."
Apr 22 2013
avatar of drunkenmunky420
drunkenmunky420 That's to bad looks like quite the place
Apr 05 2013