Latlng: (43.298463, -79.7949)

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Burlington Bay Lighthouse

Discovered by halton paranormal
Created Jun 20 2011
Recent status Abandoned
Category Other
City Burlington, Ontario
Location # 2839

Old lighthouse with abandoned lightkeepers house. Open access to the area, house is boarded up but its a great piece of history!

Latlng: (43.298463, -79.7949)


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avatar of No Access
No Access Pretty cool place. Here is a link with history and future plans for the place.
Feb 21 2013
avatar of thespectralreview
thespectralreview @ bd42: This place is still here. AFAIK, the house is still there and I saw the lighthouse too. I will go here myself soon and take some shots. Cheers, -TSR
Aug 03 2012
avatar of SuperSonic
SuperSonic i think this should be in the Hamilton Section. Pretty sure it's on the east side of the canal which is the dividing line.
Apr 21 2012
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks Its too bad its boarded up now. There was a wooded lighthouse before that. Years before that a british ship was chased into the harbour by an american ship. The american ship didnt follow as their charts showed it was too shallow. The British ship rode a wave in that gave them the needed clearance and survived.
Jun 24 2011
avatar of halton paranormal
halton paranormal lol yes she is.....its not a ghost lol
Jun 23 2011
avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer nice image in the window on the 3rd photo, is she with you?
Jun 21 2011