Abandoned Cat Lady House - The Apple Of My Eye

House Or Farm in Burlington, Ontario

Arson location discovered by TWP on Jun 26 2012

The Apple Of My Eye - Abandoned-Cat-Lady-House438.jpg Photo of The Apple Of My Eye taken by superss


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avatar of DIIV
DIIV @maple - It was written by William Herbert Weins. He was named the Estate Trustee of Fern under her February 15 / 2000 will.
2013-11-10 21:10:13
avatar of maple
maple Wow, any idea who wrote this?
2013-11-10 17:53:25
avatar of superss
superss Yea, she definitely seemed a little different. If she was still around she would probably be an OAP member.
2013-10-22 00:15:55
avatar of Miche
Miche Fern seem like such a great lady!!! I'll never forget her story!
2013-10-22 00:07:20