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Abandoned Cat Lady House

Discovered by TWP
Created Jun 26 2012
Recent status Arson
Category House Or Farm
City Burlington, Ontario
Location # 4972

This was the home of Flora Fern Noak Miller. Flora was born in 1909 to Guy I.S. Miller and Laura Miller (nee Noak). The family most likely lived in Middlesex, Vermont. Flora had three other siblings, brothers Herbert and Irving and sister Grace. Her family moved to Quebec in 1914.

Flora married Simon Ernest McCullough in 1934.

Around 1970 Flora moved to Walker's Line and had a home constructed on her property. Now retired, she operated a hobby farm in which she raised horses, ducks and geese. By this time Flora was a senior citizen and sought assistance from the neighbours to clean the barn and to feed the animals. Some of the neighbours owned the horses that resided on the property.

Flora sought to build a second house on the property that was closer to the main road so that she wouldn't be snowed in during the winter. The old house would be given to a younger couple who would assist in the upkeep of the property which was slowly deteriorating.

Flora died in 1999 at the age of 90

The house and property are watched by Conservation Halton, They also maintain the driveway during the winter months.

Latlng: (43.410663, -79.851562)


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avatar of archangela_of_doom
archangela_of_doom No Word of A Lie. I'm really emotional looking at this location. Just so sad! Also, I fear I may be a future Flora...
Jan 16 2018
avatar of SafariTours
SafariTours This make me sad. What a beautiful house this must have been in it's prime. Fern seems like a lovely lady.
Nov 02 2017
avatar of LivingGhost
LivingGhost damn. I used to go here a few years back.
Feb 22 2016
avatar of aeb00
aeb00 I'm so upset about this. I was literally just planning a road trip to this area to see this house in the next couple weeks. Why are people so violent and terrible?
Feb 02 2016
avatar of Motleykiwi
Motleykiwi Cat Lady house burned down.
Feb 02 2016
avatar of Kenndruuh
Kenndruuh I need to stop waiting so long visit places. F****** C********* taggers and vandals.
Jun 22 2014
avatar of HudsonTL
HudsonTL Went back again. The place has been covered in graffiti and the sun room has started to colapse.
Feb 27 2014
avatar of ground state
ground state The unfortunate reality of sharing this hobby with others. But wouldn't be half as enjoyable without the sharing, IMHO. So we bite the bullet.
Dec 22 2013
avatar of Kenndruuh
Kenndruuh Well that's extremely depressing.
Dec 21 2013
avatar of superss
superss Yea I didn't see them either, the last gallery that has them is dated May 2013, so I guess they were taken sometime after that.
Nov 11 2013
avatar of DIIV
DIIV I haven't seen any wheelchairs any of the 3 times I've gone.
Nov 10 2013
avatar of Kenndruuh
Kenndruuh Superss - Are the wheelchairs gone now? I swore I saw them in someone else's gallery
Nov 10 2013
avatar of superss
superss Thanks.
Oct 22 2013
avatar of timekeeper
timekeeper Nice additions superss....that ceiling is coming down hard in the sun room!
Oct 22 2013
avatar of superss
superss It appears the one that was contesting the Will was Fern's daughter, who she had given up when only a few months old. Fern sought her out in 1988 & they met in 1990. Fern moved out to BC to be with her in 1991 but returned after only a few months because she wasn't bonding with her daughter or her Grandchildren. Fern felt that they weren't really interested in getting to know her.
Oct 22 2013