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Bruce County

We Out Biatch

Discovered by phrenzee
Created Apr 09 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Bruce County, Ontario
Location # 4461

Abandoned yellow brick farmhouse. It is trashed and has graffiti. This was a group trip with riddimryder, msDeKay and kronix. Concession 2 Lot G Richard S. Pomeroy, farmer, land consisting of 150 acres being Lots F and G, Concession 2. An Englishman, born in 1851, he settled in Bruce County in 1875. The 1878 Voters List shows him as a tenant. After Archie McPhail bought the lot, the barn burned but was not rebuilt. The house was L-shaped. One half was frame and the other half was log with a kitchen, bedroom and parlour. In 1895, Charles Stephen (C.S.) Wood bought this farm and Lot G on Concession 3, across the road, in the name of William T. Wood, son of C.S. and Annie Maria (Rowlin). In 1913, ownership changed to C.S.s wife. In 1912, the Wood family bought a Model T Ford in Toronto. Irwin Patterson had not begun to sell them in Tiverton yet. This was the first car on the Second Concession, but Bert McClure had the first one in the district. Automobile owners had to buy gas at hardware stores in those days. In October 1919 C.S. and Annie's son Charlie married Gertrude Gains from Toronto. Charlie tore down the old log home, moved the Carruthers house from Lot C, Concession 2, on sleighs, and covered it with veneer concrete blocks. In 1932, Charlie built a new barn and took ownership of the farm after his mother died. Charlie and Gertrude had no children. Charlie was the Bruce Township Road Superintendent from 1951 until his death in 1957. Ernie and Doris (Bradley) Young modernized the home and moved from across the road in 1960. Their children were Jim, Bill, Brian, Roger, June, and Linda, along with their chosen daughter, Ruth. In 1973, the barn was struck by lightning and burned along with hay, grain, 4 sows, a boar and 27 head of cattle. A new steel barn was built by Fleming Contractors of Hanover the following year. The fire insurance on the old barn provided just enough money to concrete the floor in the new barn. Ernie and Doris sold the farm to their oldest son, Jim, and his wife, Rosemarie (Convay), retaining two acres in the northeast corner, on which they built a new home in 1980-81. The main farm was sold to their youngest son, Roger, in 1987. See More Families and Farms for Young family details. The current owners, Steven and Shirley Mills, made extensive renovations to the house and are renting it to tenants until they retire. -RR

Latlng: (44.27684, -81.563187)


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avatar of mowldec291
mowldec291 Sad to say but I went by a few weeks ago and it has been demolished. It was a nice house with interesting history
May 29 2015
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Veeedub226 Thanks for the History! I always love to know :)
Nov 09 2013
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Unknown User anyone need a new coutch
Jun 12 2013
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doom vs Visited in June. There is a for sale sign on this land as well as the occupied house across the road.
Jul 18 2012
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doom vs Probably a Chappelle's Show fan. I'm rich, biatch!
Apr 10 2012
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Adriana @dallas....where you from, out in the country? Lmao!
Apr 10 2012