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Latlng: (44.266134, -81.14711)

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Vesta (ghost town) Galleries


Discovered by garrett
Created Jan 14 2010
Recent status Unknown
Category Ghost Town
City Bruce County, Ontario
Location # 1035

An excellent outline has already been written up here for Vesta, under the other location heading, but no photos had been uploaded, so I(a)m adding a few photos of my own. There is one of the closed up Vesta schoolhouse (which I have never entered but would love to) and a few of the remains of St. Michael's Roman Catholic church. A service is held at these ruins once a year, I believe.

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Latlng: (44.266134, -81.14711)


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SuperSonic public is this site? And is it right at 15 and 18?

Jan 29 2012

doom vs Have a cyclist friend that goes by here on a regular route...have not made it up yet but certainly will.

Jan 25 2012

maple Wow, this locations is! Nice find. :)

Jan 25 2012

rumalowa The only time I've been to Vesta I was only equipped with a disposable camera and a 35mm. My favourite part of the cemetery was the statue of Jesus up on the cross, overgrown in the garden. It's sad to see these little towns gone.

Jan 25 2012

Golson Moldon I've stopped at both places, but unfortunately never had a camera. The church, from what I remember, was distroyed in a fire but the entrance was saved. A wonderfull show piece for a pioneer cemetary. The School house, from the outside appears structurally sound and yes I wanted in there too, but it was tightly sealed and I wouldn't think of breaking in. Maybe someday, it would make a very

Jan 17 2010