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Latlng: (45.255175, -81.680913)

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Bruce County

The Sweepstakes Shipwreck

Discovered by AUC
Created Jun 23 2020
Recent status Abandoned
Category Other
City Bruce County, Ontario
Location # 16571

I don't think there is too many shipwrecks listed on OAP but thought I would add it as the access is pretty easy to get to and its shallow so anyone can explorer these wrecks. You can launch your own kayak or canoe for free at Big Tub Lighthouse or rent or launch at Big Tub Harbour Resort. They even have clear see through kayaks for rent here. Please don’t stand on the wrecks as they are protected and you can get a fine. Tobermory, Ontario, Canada is one of my favourite spots in Canada to visit. There is so much to do and see here. Crystal clear water makes it a great spot to scuba dive or snorkel. There is 2 large abandoned shipwrecks at this location. One is in very good condition for its age and the other not so much but still is incredible to see.

The sweepstakes was a 2 masted schooner ship and was built in Burlington, Ontario, Canada in 1867. This schooner ship was 119 ft long, 20 feet in depth and weighed approximately 218 tonnes. That’s a whopping 436,000 Pounds. On Aug 23rd 1885 the Schooner hit a rock near Cove Island and sank in shallow water close to the big tub light house. There was severe damage to the hull and was not repairable. The ship remained here until sept 3rd. The ship was then towed into Big Tub Harbor by a tugboat and it sunk to the bottom. The ship was stripped of all useful equipment before it sank in its present location. Today it’s still here and is protected just like a historic house or building. It is visited by many scuba divers, snorkelers and tour boats. For both conservation and safety, penetration of this ship wreck is not permitted. There is a cage inside the ship so divers can not enter the inside. When scuba diving ship wrecks the exhaled air bubbles can get trapped and when it contacts the wreck it can cause rapid corrosion.

Shipwreck 2 (in poor shape) Built 1879 121 feet long The City of Grand Rapids was a double-decked steamer. The night of October 29, 1907, a fire broke out while docked in Little Tub Harbour. The Captain ordered a tug boat to tow the burning vessel out of the harbour, and released it. The City of Grand Rapids then drifted into Big Tub Harbour. It continued to burn, and eventually came to rest at the end of the harbour, where it burned and sank.

Latlng: (45.255175, -81.680913)


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