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Malcolm (ghost town)


Discovered by clay70
Created Apr 20 2010
Recent status Abandoned
Category Ghost Town
City Bruce County, Ontario
Location # 1437
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Another one of the ghost towns listed in Ron Brown(a)s books. It had a sister ghost town to the north called Gillie(a)s Hill. Located in Brockton Municipality it was founded by John Malcolm in the 1850(a)s.

As the village grew it had: a school, church, store, post office, hotel, cheesemaker, blacksmith and a carpenter.

It did not get a railway line but did manage to survive the first wave of the railway boom. By the late 1890(a)s Malcolm headed into decline.

Today you will find the school, cemetery and a cairn dedicated to the town(a)s pioneer memory.


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jeepers The school is now a private home across from the cemetery, on the NW corner their is an old foundation. The cemetary is at the intersection of concession road 10 and sideroad 25, the old bell and cairn is acroos the street from the cemetery.

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