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Jackson's Family PioneerCemetery


Discovered by mobileworks
Created Jul 29 2018
Recent status Closed
Category Cemetery
City Bruce County, Ontario
Location # 15485
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A closed and erosion protected family pioneer cemetery overlooking the farms they spent so much time on. U.S.S.[United School Section Number 8, Greenock and Elderslie...A.K.A. Jackson School ] No. 8's school bell is here and this school must be across the road as it's bell is clearly missing. A cornerstone placed here denotes a church once stood here, high above the road and was seen for miles. The bell was made by the American Bell Foundry in Northville, Michigan. This school was built without this bell in 1874 as the bell foundry was started in 1895. The Bell Foundry started to make furnaces in 1924 and probably left the bells behind. This bell is probably a No. 22 or a #24, but did not find it.

Latlng: (44.274542, -81.289318)


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mobileworks LOL !, I was wondering....... that took me a few seconds.

Aug 01 2018  • 0 like(s)

timo explorer I was hoping for Michael.

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