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Latlng: (44.07012, -77.76805)

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Wades Corners School - S.S. 8


Discovered by dwisk471
Created Jan 13 2012
Recent status Abandoned
Category Educational
City Brighton, Ontario
Location # 3831
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Wade's Corners School, School Section 8, was constructed in 1867, serving the community of Wade's Corners and the neighbouring community of Cankerville in what was then the Township of Brighton. In 1964, the school was closed and the building was turned over to the local Boy Scouts who called it Kilbank Lodge, naming it after one of the Scout leaders. In fact, the name of the road became Kilbank Lodge Road. The road was recently renamed Newton Lane (and the signs on County Road 30 reflect this) but the name on Google Maps is still Kilbank Lodge Road.

It's not clear whether the Scouts are still using the building but there doesn't appear to have been any recent activity around it and the buidling is in dire need of repairs. Access to the inside is not available and Scouts Canada have posted notices warning people to stay out.

Latlng: (44.07012, -77.76805)


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Derelict Compositions Video games in Boy Scouts?? What's the point?! LOL. It used to be about tying knots, starting fires, camping, using a knife etc.

Jan 13 2012  • 0 like(s)
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Unknown user I was in Boy Scouts when I was younger and it was a different era. No video gaming all night, just healthy outdoor activities and indoor games. Over the years their reputation has been tarnished and kids gravitated to the Playstation. Today whenever I read stories about kids who are in Boy Scouts, I have to admire them for taking part in something positive.

Jan 13 2012  • 0 like(s)