Latlng: (43.217578, -80.32271)

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Brant County

490 German School Road

Discovered by aboutface
Created Aug 20 2011
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Brant County, Ontario
Location # 3076

The house was from 1870 and purchased by a land banking company. Despite the house being in good shape, they tore it down. I was able to get these shots as it was coming down. DO NOT go on this site. The guy renting the land is a colossal PR. Even though I had permission....he still was.

Latlng: (43.217578, -80.32271)


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avatar of f.o.s.
f.o.s. Thanks doom, kinda hard to see what happened when all the info has been deleted from the bottom where it normally is. A little scary! Maybe it's a breach!
Jun 22 2014
avatar of doom vs
doom vs From memory, sonicpix posted it originally. I think he changed his name to Supersonic.
Jun 22 2014
unknown user avatar
Unknown User The blue car is no longer there, only a rectangular spot of mud where it once sat.
Jun 22 2014
avatar of SuperSonic
SuperSonic ok....I held off on the car pix at the request of ridd. But since others are mine.
Apr 19 2012
avatar of SuperSonic
SuperSonic it was a very livable house. good interior. I grabbed some of the stuff before it was torn own....with permission. I had the equipment operator dig up a big boxwood as well.
Jan 24 2012
avatar of mobileworks
mobileworks I would never have thouht THAT house was here. nuts.
Jan 24 2012