Latlng: (43.64868, -79.77329)

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Abandoned Ontario Log Mansion

Discovered by canucks747
Created May 20 2019
Recent status Demolished
Category Mansion
City Brampton, Ontario
Location # 16027

This location is known simply as the "Abandoned Log Mansion". It was built only back in 1989. It's located down a long driveway on Creditview Road in Brampton. The log mansion sits atop a hill and remains unseen unless you're hiking in the area. Despite the photos that depict spacious land, it's actually in the middle of a large rural area. This beautiful log mansion has three bedrooms upstairs and two in the basement. There are a total of five bathrooms, stone fireplaces and three spiral staircases. Two staircases are on the inside and one is outside. In the basement is a bar, laundry room, and wine cellar. The owner of this log mansion was an energy executive. The kids have already begun to vandalize the property as seen in the photos. They have smashed out every window including the skylights, ripped down railings, smashed mirrors. There's a hole in the floor by the fireplace where someone attempted to light a fire. The property will eventually be demolished as new subdivisions are encroaching. As with everything nice, this place was destroyed by arson on April 5th, 2020.

Latlng: (43.64868, -79.77329)


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avatar of Motleykiwi
Motleykiwi Everything is gone here except for the wooden gate in the field and a pile of rubble. The rest has been cleared out.
Aug 20 2020
avatar of urbexmunchkin
urbexmunchkin so upsetting :(
May 21 2020
avatar of Mike
Mike So sad none of that was salvaged. The brats that did that damage need to spend some time at Syl Apps!!
Apr 30 2020
unknown user avatar
Unknown User We all knew deep in our hearts that this would happen eventually.
Apr 06 2020
avatar of Motleykiwi
Motleykiwi This just went up in flames hours ago and I was about to post my gallery tomorrow. Sad.
Apr 06 2020
avatar of Motleykiwi
Motleykiwi Congrats on finding it, nice job!! No interiors? It''s sad somebody has already tried to burn it down.
May 22 2019