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The Scotch Settlement 1819

Bradford, Ontario

Location Owner thefishingnut
Creation Date Aug 24 2009
Status Historic Location
Category Church
Location Bradford, Ontario
Site number #800

While driving down highway 400 a friend and I decided drive around and see what was around these side roads and we came across this Church and Cemetery that looked a bit old and abandoned. There was an Ontario's Historical Plaque at the site that read... In 1815 some 140 Highland Scots from Lord Selkirk(a)s Red River Settlement, disheartened by crop failures and the opposition of the North West Company, moved to Upper Canada. Transported in the Nor (a)Westers(a) canoes, they disembarked at Holland Landing in September. They found temporary employment in the Yonge Street settlements but in 1819 many took up land in West Gwillimbury. In 1823 Presbyterian services were held in a building on this site which was replaced by a frame church in 1827. The present structure was completed in 1869.

Latlng: (44.089750, -79.615267)


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avatar of marcosphoto
marcosphoto Visted the site today - still going strong even though no one has added any comments since 2012. Very nice place, and a little sad too. However, it has not been lost as there are some newer grave makers as new as 2015, and with the same last name as a lot of the older markers. So, I don't believe it is truly abandoned. For those of you wanting a more accurate address, it is 3380 Line 6 in Bradford.
Feb 17 2020
avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer Feb 2012 visit. All the trees surrounding the exterior of the church have all been removed. Could this be to make it more visible for unwanted vandals? Or to help preserve the foundation? Certainly takes away from some of the old time charm.
Feb 13 2012
avatar of clay70
clay70 hopefully with the Ontario historical plaque outside it will remain for the next few 100 yrs.
Jan 19 2011
avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer Visited this great old church today and found someone had broken in the front door, and the rear door was wide open. Had a quick look inside and took some pics. The interior has not been vandalized and a thick layer of dust coats everything. There is nothing of value inside, but it is still worth a visit before it gets locked up or destroyed.
Jan 16 2011