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Scanlon Creek Beach

Bradford, Ontario

Location Owner zeus
Creation Date Mar 14 2010
Status Closed
Category Recreational
Location Bradford, Ontario
Site number #1193

Scanlon Creek is a 722 acre conservation area is located just north of Bradford with over 10km of hiking trails. In the 1970’s a dam was built to create an artificial lake for swimming and fishing and for many years the beach was the main draw for Scanlon Creek. The beach closed in 2003 because of poor water quality and the change rooms have been closed ever since. The beach is in the process of being converted back into its natural state. I only swam there once when I was a kid in the late 90s and my mom said I came out of the water covered in leaches so I wouldn’t recommend going for a swim. The change rooms are sealed up pretty tight, you may be able to scale the outdoor shower walls to get in but it was too icy when I was there to try. There is also a door to a cellar but it was covered in ice as well and I wouldn’t recommend exploring it in the summer there are bees nest everywhere. There are currently no plans to reopen the beach, the current plan is to destroy the 70’s dam and drain the lake returning it to a wet land. One idea is to convert the change rooms into a class room however I don’t see this happening. The building is starting to crumble and the conservation authority isn’t willing to spend the money fixing up a change room at an abandoned beach. References

Latlng: (44.153377, -79.554287)


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User Still a great place to go for hiking, biking and some off roading in the back lot when it's snowy or muddy.
Dec 20 2012
avatar of lmnurse
lmnurse Oops, the link I meant to put there was, page 17 is the reference to the mills being gone.
Apr 29 2011
avatar of lmnurse
lmnurse I don't think you will find it. It seems the mill in that area was taken down, pieces of it are in the conservation area as a heritage site ( However, there is one of the mills built by the Scanlon family remaining closer to Bradford, I can't seem to find a location, but lots of pictures/videos of e
Apr 29 2011
avatar of syd71
syd71 Scanlon is a great place to hike. There is also a hidden grist mill that i haven't (nor has anyone else) been able too find.
Mar 15 2010