Latlng: (44.075697, -79.621950)

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Bradford Boarded Up!

Bradford, Ontario

Location Owner syd71
Creation Date Feb 21 2010
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Bradford, Ontario
Site number #1103

[b]*** DEMOLISHED, September 2014 ***[/b] Just recently (a few months) boarded up, this place used to have an addition on the back but was removed I assume to make entry for people like us tougher. Not sure why they didn(a)t just level the whole thing, foundations crumbling and the exterior walls have stress cracks. Because of those thoughts, make(a)s me wonder what is inside that "they(a)re" protecting. Yor can see it from the 400, has the water truck in the field

Latlng: (44.075697, -79.621950)


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avatar of crazy_cyclist
crazy_cyclist Soooo this place is gone. Went by this afternoon with my mom, thought she might like it and.. Gone. There's a bit of a hole, but everything's gone.
Sep 27 2014
avatar of crazy_cyclist
crazy_cyclist Coming almost nose to nose with a raccoon doesn't help with the creepy factor. Apparently he didn't like being woken up by flash photography. And moldy. Yikes. I didn't even bother going into the basement because of it.
Aug 04 2014
avatar of riddimryder
riddimryder @drewkr lol..what was so sinister about this place??
Feb 05 2012
avatar of drewkr
drewkr The strangest and creepiest place ive ever been to. I have the ability to see things and this place was crawling. Bad vibes. Not a night time kinda place. Just saying.
Oct 19 2011
avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer Ya this place is creepy. Walked inside through the obvious rear entry point, all I could hear was the buzz of flies, everywhere. Didn't stay too long. When I came out there was a white car parked at the end of the driveway, half blocking my exit. Seeing as how I was on the motorcycle, I had plenty of room to go around a make a hasty escape.
Jul 21 2011
avatar of shokid_99
shokid_99 I just noticed the place right beside it is also boarded up.
Apr 14 2011
avatar of momknits
momknits I was wondering just what they had locked in the upstairs room?
Jan 17 2011
unknown user avatar
Unknown User This house now has access to it...look carefully *behind* you..
Jul 15 2010
avatar of rcouper
rcouper Guess they want to wait for $500,000 reno to make it right??
Apr 07 2010