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The Portland Cement Ruins

Belleville, Ontario

Location Owner UnLeashed_Photography
Creation Date Jun 10 2013
Status Demolished
Category Foundations
Location Belleville, Ontario
Site number #8048

A few days ago I visited the ruins of the old Portland Cement ruins. The cement factory was built in 1905 in a little town named Point Anne that is now often referred to as a ghost town. 3 years after the cement factory was built, another cement factory was built called The Leigh Cement factory. It was built about 3 km east of the first plant. In 1909 the Portland Cement company had started to buy up as many properties as possible, they eventually acquired both plants and in 1914 they consolidated and shut down the older of the two plants. The remaining plant, which was named Canada Cement Plant #5 remained the communities only major employer for the next 60 years. The plant closed down for good in 1973 and then was later demolished. At it's peak the cement factory produced on average a total of 16 million bags of cement per year. I have also located the ruins for the second plant but they weren't half as exciting as the Portland ones so I didn't bother to photograph any of them. The ruins of the Portland factory are huge and well worth a visit if you like this sort of thing. I spent hours here and the ruins seemed to travel forever before I called it quits as I was losing daylight.

Latlng: (44.155465, -77.304830)


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avatar of NBurley1
NBurley1 Is there a trail through the brush? I used to go here as a kid and went back recently looking for it but the area is so over grown that I couldn’t find it.
Jun 26 2019
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Is there anything left out at point Anne ? Would be very cool to see.
Sep 10 2014
avatar of rcouper
rcouper What's left of Point Anne:
Jun 14 2013
avatar of clay70
clay70 me when u find that legendary rink please :)
Jun 10 2013
avatar of UnLeashed_Photography
UnLeashed_Photography Yep! I also found the remains of the old skating rink that Bobby use to practice on. Am gonna take some pics of that this week hopefully and another area I came across but am not sure what it was yet. There is so much stuff in around that area!
Jun 10 2013
avatar of clay70
clay70 Bobby and Dennis Hull's dad was the foreman here...
Jun 10 2013