Latlng: (44.347926, -79.682551)

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Park Place

Discovered by titalingus
Created Mar 16 2013
Recent status Repurposed
Category Commercial
City Barrie, Ontario
Location # 6437

This location is the old park place was purchased for a retail location yet has sat for many years also the home of the infamous largest grow operation in Canadian history

Latlng: (44.347926, -79.682551)


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unknown user avatar
Unknown User could anyone PM me the address to this place?
May 19 2017
avatar of maxman
maxman Anyone know if the van's been sold?
Jul 30 2013
avatar of titalingus
titalingus Yes this is right behind where the plant was
Mar 17 2013
avatar of ground state
ground state Is this the same place?
Mar 17 2013
avatar of ground state
ground state Wait a minute, was going to write a funny comment about the big Molson plant bust being right next door....
Mar 17 2013