Latlng: (44.386655, -79.709408)

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House of Add-Ons

Barrie, Ontario

Location Owner titalingus
Creation Date Mar 16 2013
Status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
Location Barrie, Ontario
Site number #6438

Twisted little house I pass every day slowly it gets worse and worse .Once was the home of a homeless man till the real estate people kicked him out bet they wish they didn't because when he was there, there was no vandalism now it sits just getting destroyed. Also don't think I've ever seen so many add ons and corridors easy to get lost

Latlng: (44.386655, -79.709408)


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avatar of sophia Ex
sophia Ex what street was this on?
Nov 15 2020
avatar of keit6871
keit6871 Umm wrong huskylover it''s been fully tore down for few years I live right arcoss the st from it.
Jul 31 2020
unknown user avatar
Unknown User It wasnt torn down totally they tore alot off of it and then rebuilt it. Interesting house lots of homeless used it till the owners gutted it and renovated it
Mar 26 2020
avatar of keit6871
keit6871 I went though this place a week before it was torn down and was shocked I spent hour in there and was amazed by the house and how it was built. I left the house with a weird creepy feeling on my shoulder
Feb 01 2016
avatar of titalingus
titalingus Sadly this labyrinth of doors has been torn down
Nov 18 2015
unknown user avatar
Unknown User Visited today and the house is boarded up with no POE. Part of the side had been torn down but it pretty much looks the same.
Apr 19 2015