Black Horse Corner- ghost town

Ayr, Ontario

Location Owner TWP
Creation Date Jan 01 2006
Status Unknown
Category Ghost Town
Location Ayr, Ontario
Site number #278

Today, Black Horse Corner is nothing more than a sign in a corner of a farmer(a)s field. At one time this thriving settlement had a tannery, fulling mill, pump shop, shingle mill, wagon, shoemaker and a blacksmith shop. The name of the village came from The Black Horse Hotel, which was named by an innkeeper who had a fondness for horses. The hotel burned down in 1875 and the remainder of the town was wiped out in a flood shortly thereafter. Located at the corners of Cedar Creek Road and Northumberland Street (4-way intersection) outside of Ayr, Ontario.

Latlng: (43.083330, -79.200000)


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avatar of ishootthings
ishootthings This is the wrong coordinates.
Oct 01 2020
unknown user avatar
Unknown User More information at Directly from the property Owner and an archeological study!!
Oct 23 2012
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Unknown User Check out for a virtual tour.
Oct 23 2012
avatar of momknits
momknits Pleased to see the sign is back. Looks better than ever!
Jul 12 2012
avatar of momknits
momknits Unfortunately the sign likely blew down in one of the big wind storms last fall and is gone from the site. Or was the last time I went through there at Christmas.
Mar 17 2012