Latlng: (44.006158, -79.469599)

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The HoJo

Aurora, Ontario

Location Owner Drifting_pablo
Creation Date Oct 15 2015
Status Abandoned
Category Motel/Hotel
Location Aurora, Ontario
Site number #12838

Urban legend goes that this establishment was closed when it was discovered that staff were using part of the hotel as a meth lab. Take that story as you will, but one thing is for sure, the Howard Johnson in Aurora was always in shambles. Unfortunately I was only able to get inside into a small room before hitting a locked door. However entry is possible and comes and goes, until then I wait anxiously for interior exploration.

Latlng: (44.006158, -79.469599)


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avatar of hkohlerrr
hkohlerrr I would also recommend bringing a hammer of some sort, so you can pry open locked rooms. If you find a locked room that says, "NO ACCESS," you can simply bash the lock repeatedly for a while until it opens.
Oct 08 2020
avatar of hkohlerrr
hkohlerrr If you find any intact rooms, please record them her because I would like to know what rooms have yet to be destroyed by vandals.
Oct 08 2020
avatar of hkohlerrr
hkohlerrr Resturant/Lounge = 2nd Floor Gym/Weight room = Basement Ballroom = 3rd floor and I'm pretty sure the main kitchen is on the second floor next to the bar If you're gonna go in, enter through the main doors. Even if the parking garage isn't boarded up, don't take the risk. I will be updating this page soon.
Oct 08 2020
avatar of hkohlerrr
hkohlerrr Police response is within 5-10 minutes, so if you think you've messed up by breaking a window or walking in front of any of the main windows, you still have enough time to escape. You should be fine as long as you stay cautious. Would not recommend going alone, at night, without a face covering or without a fully charged phone or flashlight.
Oct 08 2020
avatar of hkohlerrr
hkohlerrr Stay away from windows if you are going to go. I am one to say that neighbours pay too much attention to the hotel, so if you are going to have your fun, stay away from windows, regardless if they are open or closes
Oct 08 2020
avatar of jake24
jake24 the storefront neighbours said he would start calling the cops when he saw people try to enter because kids were going in and breaking windows. One entrance is boarded up but the front door is open, maybe chained again if cops are called. once you get to the higher floors it's really nice there are still beds made and coffee on shelves. Plates and cups and mirrors are smashed all over the place.
Oct 06 2020
avatar of cops are possibility if u are quit you should be fine, super messy, entrance, go in front door then take a right an find a small holw then crawl through.
Oct 05 2020
avatar of kat666g
kat666g I've seen cops chilling in the back parking lot. Seems this place is quite monitored, as I walked around the building to find a POE and was greeted by security cameras, padlocks and boarded windows. However, I could still see the remains of the hotel rooms through a window, so I'm sure everything has been left inside the building.
May 21 2018
avatar of the_euro_explorer
the_euro_explorer Anyway I could find more info on the history of this place
May 11 2018
avatar of blaekly
blaekly This location seems to have appeared out of nowhere lol
May 08 2018