Latlng: (44.017589, -79.468631)

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Next door to the Bunker

Discovered by alp002
Created Mar 01 2018
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Aurora, Ontario
Location # 15181

Nice home back in the day. Converted 4-plex. lived 2 mins away for 20 years and never noticed this place

Latlng: (44.017589, -79.468631)


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avatar of alp002
alp002 Yep, long driveway. one plex is still not accessible but the place is a teardown now.
Mar 11 2018
avatar of blaekly
blaekly The one with the long driveway? I went to school with some kids that lived here and we partied here a few times. I was here in the summer and it looked like it was being worked on so didn't bother with it, but from your shots it's pretty clear that never happened lol
Mar 01 2018