March 2011

User captamerica
Date Mar 19 2011
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Aurora, Ontario
Location # 2498
March 2011 - Isaac-Petch-Farmhouse44.jpg
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'No trespassing'. This house is still here... who knows for how much longer?

March 2011 - Isaac-Petch-Farmhouse45.jpg
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Looking behind the house back at Wellington St.

March 2011 - Isaac-Petch-Farmhouse46.jpg
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I was there for a while but the cops never came.

March 2011 - Isaac-Petch-Farmhouse47.jpg
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most of this house was unexplorable... the second floor was pretty much fallen through to the first throughout the house.

March 2011 - Isaac-Petch-Farmhouse50.jpg
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My advice: if you do make it up to the second floor, avoid this room.

March 2011 - Isaac-Petch-Farmhouse34.jpg
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Stairs up from the basement. She is watching...

March 2011 - Isaac-Petch-Farmhouse35.jpg
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Creepiest damn thing I've ever seen in an abandonment.