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Latlng: (43.991925, -79.441406)

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Built On Bayview

Discovered by Kenndruuh
Created Dec 10 2012
Recent status Demolished
Category House Or Farm
City Aurora, Ontario
Location # 5952

I didn't know for sure if this was abandoned or not until I pulled into the drive way and attempted to ask for fake directions. While walking towards the house I noticed that the inside was all boarded up so no one could enter. Or exit. Searched for a way in and finally found one. The house is in pristine condition, so it probably hasn't been abandoned for long. I noticed there was still power going to the thermostat on the wall, but I'm not certain if it was battery operated or not. None of the lights turned on, but there was a toilet that still flushed. The house had no "For Sale" signs, and no "Private Property" ones either, that I could see. We ended up leaving in a hurry because of the things that still worked.

As I was just looking on Google Maps to get the GPS coordinates, I realized that there's another house, a barn, and a few sheds further back from the house. I didn't know these were there, therefor I have not yet had the chance to explore them, if they are abandoned as well. I plan on making a trip back very soon to explore what I missed the first time.

UPDATE 4/23/2013: It seems everything is being torn down and the land is for sale (according to recent visitors). I have changed the status to demolished, but there might still be a bit there to look at. I will be checking next time I'm in the area.

Latlng: (43.991925, -79.441406)


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sleep_is_awesome That magazine cut-out is definitely a girls' collage. One said "It's 11 pm. Do you know what you're wearing tomorrow?" That is a mantra for a 90's girl.

Oct 13 2014

timo explorer Completely gone now.

Apr 27 2013

maple Everything is gone but the house. All other buildings, the patio, bushes, trees........gone! This house now sits all by itself and the sales office is open for business. Will be gone any day now.

Mar 08 2013

timo explorer The second house and barns have been torn down. The house featured in the photos still stands, but its future will be cut short.

Jan 21 2013

ground state What a bizarre combination of clean and decrepit as you go from room to room. The magazine cut-outs have got to be the most bizarre combination seen yet. I sat here for a minute trying to decide if it was a guy's bedroom or a girl's and still don't know. A bright blue door with bright yellow trim... blehhhhh!

Dec 11 2012