Latlng: (45.551905, -78.593868)

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Algonquin Park

Highland Inn Remains

Discovered by ground state
Created Mar 08 2014
Recent status Abandoned
Category Motel/Hotel
City Algonquin Park, Ontario
Location # 10131

The Highland Inn (1908 - 1957) was the famous resort hotel built and operated by the Grand Trunk Railway in Algonquin Provincial Park. With trains running practically to its front door, and easy connections from Toronto and Ottawa, the Highland Inn is credited with introducing much of the rich upper class to the beauty of Ontario's northern wilderness. In 1954, a new policy for Algonquin Park was announced that was designed to return the park to its original condition. As part of that policy, the Highland Inn was purchased by the Ontario Government in 1956. In the following year, it was dismantled and burned.

Latlng: (45.551905, -78.593868)


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avatar of elkiman
elkiman Wow, just visited this site and took lots of photos thinking I was going to be the first to post them here. Congrats on beating me to it!
Aug 03 2015
avatar of quiksilver
quiksilver Awesome work again GS.
Mar 09 2014
avatar of superss
superss Always like to find out about the history as I look at the pictures.
Mar 08 2014
avatar of timo explorer
timo explorer Outstanding GS.
Mar 08 2014
avatar of clay70
clay70 love them foundations, hydrant and more in the middle of the forest...
Mar 08 2014
avatar of DARKMAN
DARKMAN Awesome sir.
Mar 08 2014
unknown user avatar
Unknown User You're getting awfully close to my backyard mister. I've always fantasized about finding a long lost resort in the woods, the kind with a stone fireplace in the middle of a large dining room. Then I think, if one ever existed it wouldn't be long lost - only trashed. Oh man, if only I'd been alive and exploring in 1956.
Mar 08 2014