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Latlng: (47.992787, -84.749941)

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Algoma District

William Teddy Trailer Park


Discovered by jod-ithejedi
Created Aug 22 2013
Recent status Abandoned
Category Recreational
City Algoma District, Ontario
Location # 9406
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This is the site of an abandoned trailer park but is used by regulars for a picnic area and boat launch. I've tried to find the date of when it opened and closed with no such luck, so if anyone knows please feel free to comment. while out on a picnic in 1897 on the same point where the abandoned trailer park now sits is where the start of the areas first gold rush begun when William Teddy and his wife, Louise Towab found gold. The Teddys were paid $500 for their find which led to a small gold rush in Wawa which helped turn it into a mining community. There is not a lot left here. an inaccesible bathroom and a few electric posts still stand along with an old boat launch. It is the beauty of lake that makes this place a nice stop on the map. looking around the small point, you can picture how beautiful of a spot it would have been to camp at once upon a time. For more on William Teddy and Wawas mining history please see attached link. Sorry if my photos are not rightside up. This is the first album I've uploaded on here and I thought I'd be able to flip them after upload.

Latlng: (47.992787, -84.749941)


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