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Latlng: (47.211483, -84.382291)

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Algoma District

Agawa Provincial Park lodge


Discovered by sinkourswim
Created Oct 16 2011
Recent status Abandoned
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City Algoma District, Ontario
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This site is located along the costal hiking trail at Lake Superior Provincial Park Agawa campground, about an hour south of Wawa along the Trans Canada. I’m not sure what exactly they where used for, but my dad who is retired MNR seems to think they where lodges used for staff who worked at the campground at some point in the 50’s to early 60’s.

There is the main two story lodge with a basement which includes many rooms, a large kitchen, front deck, cobblestone floor and fireplace. There is also one smaller cabin located outside near by which appears to be a two room bunkhouse with a small kitchen, two bedrooms and a bath room in each.

Around the area is also a flag pole, a few foundations, a small utility shack, a beached boat and some other random scrap junk. These buildings are barely off of the beach in the open so they are easy to see for anyone walking up the beach far enough, or taking the full length costal trail. There is also a road from the main lodge straight up to the main highway which has a small area for two cars to park at. This is located just before the entrance into Agawa when coming from Wawa.

This is a must see for those in the area

Latlng: (47.211483, -84.382291)


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Unknown user (the only cabin remaining as of 2011) in order to accommodate Rayner’s road superintendent and his family. The two other cabins were also used to house Rayner construction staff. The Cooks owned and operated Agawa Lodge until the fall of 1957, when it was purchased by the Department of Lands and Forests and became part of Lake Superior Provincial Park. Afterwards, staff from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry used the lodge and cabin for accommodation until the late 1980s.

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Unknown user Agawa Lodge opened for business as a hunting and fishing camp in 1948. The main lodge and its three cabins (added shortly after the opening) were built by John Everett “Bud” Cook and his wife, Catherine “Susie” (Clark) Cook of Toledo, Ohio. In 1956, Rayner Construction Limited of Leaside, Ontario, was awarded the contract for a 4.8 mile section of the Lake Superior Trans-Canada Highway, which began just north of Agawa Lodge. At that time, an addition was built on to one of the cabins (the onl

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Unknown user It was built in 1947/48 by John Cook & family and Built 3 smaller log cabins. It was an outfitter operation for hunting and fishing until 1957 they were forced to sell when their land was included with Lake Superior Provintial Park.

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timo explorer I last visited this site about 8 years ago, surprised to see it still standing in almost the same condition. Love the fireplace. Somewhere here in my records, I am sure I have the history of this place, see what I can find. There was also a cabin/cottage slightly to the north of the two-story lodge. A fabulous place to explore and to enjoy the power of Lake Superior. Thanks for posting this p

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